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We are in search for ambitious people who wish to be part of a thriving business. We offer a great package with support and training. So, no experience is necessary. You just need to be passionate about childcare. We will take you through from the initial set-up of the business to registering with OFSTED to opening your own nursery franchise to training you or a nominated person to run the nursery on a day to day basis. Giving you knowledge and understanding on how to run your own business that can be run by you or a management team. Thus, giving you freedom and financial rewards.

Where Childhood Begins

How it all started…

Small Talk Nurseries® (also referred to as STN) was founded by Ranjit and Anita Chohan in 2010. Anita, who was an experienced nursery nurse, always had a deep passion for childcare and was inspired to open a nursery with her husband, Ranjit.

The owners found it very difficult to find a suitable nursery for their own children. At the time Ranjit was running several businesses of his own; when he proposed mixing his business talent with his wife’s passion for childcare.

Ranjit and Anita’s aim was to open a nursery that provided more than just childcare; but also focused on education. Thus, Small Talk Nurseries® was born.

Although the nursey was full, Small Talk Nurseries® still felt like there was room for improvement. Therefore, in the next four years; they invested in perfecting the Small Talk Nurseries® brand. Which would deliver quality childcare.

STN provides children with an environment that is: Safe, Clean and Enjoyable. Ranjit became very passionate about early years education after seeing the results of children who attended their nursery.

Ranjit and Anita would like to offer this opportunity to all children in other areas. Hence, why they decided to franchise the nursery.

The Ethos of STN brand is that Small Talk Nurseries® is where childhood begins. This means the children are always put first and we take education and life skills seriously. Our business model is all about the children’s personal and educational development.


Meet our lovely team…

Ranjit Singh Chohan – Managing Director

A Small Talk Nurseries® franchise will give you joy, contentment and financial freedom.

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Anita Chohan – Manager

Small Talk Nurseries® is where children come to learn, play and become independent.

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Raseeda Virgo – Operations Manager

Small Talk Nurseries® will be operating out of every city by year 2025.

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Where Childhood Begins

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