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Nothing is better than seeing it for yourself and having that first hand experience. Discovery days are a great chance to experience what Small Talk Nurseries® can offer, see what the nursery is like, engage with staff and have plenty of fun!

Here at Small Talk Nurseries® we would really like you to get the full flavour of what it’s like to be involved. As a potential franchise owner, we want you to get a full demo taster day experience. That’s why we have ‘Discovery Days’.

During this visit you will get to experience a day at one of our nursery locations, you will engage with staff, meet parents and get a chance to see the kids in action. All of this combined with lots of fun and positivity flying around.

We end off with an informal meeting with our franchise team who always maintains a very outgoing character and is at hand to answer any further questions and tell you more about the business side of things.

We want you to truly benefit from this visit and feel part of the family from the moment you visit Small Talk Nurseries®. We wish to help you with understanding why a Nursery Franchise with Small Talk Nurseries® is the best way forward.

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What do people say…

“I have been researching for a while as to what childcare franchise to invest in. I had enough of reading about all the nursery franchises online and found that Small Talk Nurseries® took that extra step by offering a ‘Discovery Day’ at one of their nursery. This helpled a lot as I really got to see in action what the brand was all about and how to operate a nursery.”

Sarah Meadows


“The Discovery Day was fantatsic; I got to see all of what I expected to see and more. That has helped me make the decison to invest a lot easier, as I got to see what my nurery would look like and how it would run.”

Pete Chambers


“The Discovery Day is just what we needed to ensure we could run a childcare franchise business. We were overweled by how much help and support we will be getting as a Small Talk Nurseries® franchise owner. We were shown around the nursery and introduced to staff and parents. We were shown actual figures that the nursery was generating and how they were performing. We are so pleased with choosing the Small Talk Nurseries® Franchise business.”

Kiren Rai


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