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Investing with
Small Talk Nurseries®

Why Invest ?

Small Talk Nurseries® brings you the ideal stepping stone to starting your own childcare business franchise.

We will help you, all the way! We will provide extensive training and support to help you get your nursery off to a flying start, to quickly build its register of children and to maximise its market share.

Our aim is to grow your investment into a lucrative business in no time. Learn more about what are the values and what is required.

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Why Choose STN?

Great earning potential

For those with drive and determination a Small Talk Nurseries® franchise offers excellent earning potential. A well run franchise can be highly profitable and a six figure income is certainly achievable.

Fantastic personal rewards

Seeing children flourish under your stewardship provides huge personal satisfaction. The highly engaging learning and welfare environment created in a Small Talk Nurseries® day nursery aims to help young children develop their social and behavioural skills and, importantly, prepares them for their future education.

Expert Knowledge

The Small Talk Nurseries® franchise is built on a platform of proven success. We fully understand the requirements for operating a nursery that provides a fulfilling early years education and this expertise is continually available to franchisees to help them to operate a ‘gold standard’ nursery that will consistently meet the highest expectations set by OFSTED.

Great training & On-going support

To own a Small Talk Nurseries® franchise you do not need any prior experience. An empathy with education and working with children will be an advantage but our training will equip you to effectively run the business. And we continually help you run your business with support such as marketing, purchasing and mentoring.

Huge market demand

The demand for high quality day nurseries is substantial and is continuing to grow. Working parents seek convenient nurseries that offer a caring, nurturing and stimulating environment. This is precisely what Small Talk Nurseries® provides.

Help with getting started

We will guide you through every step in the process of setting up your nursery. This will include help with the selection of suitable premises. We’ll also arrange building refurbishment, purchase of teaching aids and equipment installation so that the nursery fully complies with our bespoke corporate style.

Need Financial Support?

We have a very good relationship with the main high street banks, including HSBC, Lloyds, Barclays and NatWest. We will be happy to assist you present your business plan and will show you how to properly grow this business, so that the bank will advance you between ‘50% and 60%’ of the required funds.


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Be part of a network of childcare provision that is profitable

As a Small Talk Nurseries® franchisee you’ll be in a partnership that thrives on a mutual desire for providing children and parents with a wonderful early years educational experience and on developing successful businesses.

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